A Happy New Year to all!

A couple of the more salient elements of 2017 were Greta's and my 25th anniversary and my son Canain getting his Eagle Scout. It was also the year of the sketchbook! In addition to it's use for assignments, I rediscovered it as a recreational discipline. I counted 248 sketchbook pages I’ve filled this past calendar year.

The practical benefit? Quicker and truer translation of what I observe and think. Like any regular practice, it keeps the neural pathways greased, the muscle memory sharp. Nothing revelational there, just good old fashioned cause and effect. As British writer Somerset Maugham said, “I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’ clock sharp.”

Two recurring themes— people on their phones (we do love our phones!) and, in the all-too-common solitary confinement of a freelancer's life, the old standby of one’s crossed leg and foot. I've consolidated those sketches here..